This steel Azimuth MR.Roboto R2 like new condition. It comes with box and undated paper. Inspired by the Golden Robot of the 1950s, Azimuth’s designers have created a unique timepiece that transcends time. The 2nd generation Mr. Roboto, named R2 aims to revive the passion of the tin robot generation of enthusiasts and enduring science fiction lovers. R2’s left eye shows the hour register while its right eye shows the GMT indication. With an endearing smile, its mouth displays a retrograde minute counter. The R2 is hooked-up with a brand new heart; an Azimuth developed movement beating at a heart-rate of 28,800 vph. It has a mystery sapphire automatic rotor that is enlarged to ensure that the R2’s power reserve is ramped up fast to its peak efficiency to perform its robotic task of precision time recording.